Ant Removal & Pest Control Services

Ant Removal & Pest Control Services

Carpenter ants are one of the most dangerous ant species. At Rentokil, formerly Quality Pest Control GTA, carpenter ant removal is a service we have grown to specialize in. These ants excavate through wood and can cause major structural damage to property, costing homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if left untreated for too long. Around late spring is when the male winged carpenter ants, otherwise known as swarmers, will mate with winged females. Shortly thereafter, the females will shed their wings and the males will die. The only role of the carpenter ant queen is to lay eggs, keeping up the population of worker and reproductive ants to maintain the colony. A carpenter ant colony can grow quickly, making it important to contact a carpenter ant control company as soon as you notice them.

Carpenter Ant Identification

Carpenter ants in GTA are traditionally reddish-black in appearance and can be quite large in size (up to 2.5 cm). They favour damp, warm environments to build their colonies in. Carpenter ants set up their base of operations in outdoor nests which can be found in damp wood, such as rotting logs. They go back and forth into homes to gather food. You will often see carpenter ants out at night looking for food sources that are high in sugar and protein.

Carpenter may establish satellite nests around the perimeters of GTA homes where it is dark and damp. They need proper amounts of moisture for their eggs to survive. In any case, it’s important to know how to be on the lookout for their activity.

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