Buying a House? Why your Ants and Mice inspection matters

Buying a new house is always great! But presence of pests in that house can always ruin your experience in Toronto, York, and Durham.

So, while looking at all the other pros and cons regarding the house you’re planning to buy, also look for pests such as mice and ants thoroughly. Because trust us, you do not want to find out about their residence in your house after moving in.

Ants and mice often cause structural damage. Moreover, they can also spread diseases. Mice are also a fire hazard. Hence, here are some signs and indications you need to look out for to ensure that your potential new house is free of mice and ants.


How to check for Mice?

Remember it’s very important for you to look around your potential new house for mice before signing the deal. Common signs that indicate a mice infestation are:

  • A slight ammonia like smell
  • Pellet like droppings
  • Wiring that has been gnawed or chewed
  • Any holes in the walls or gaps that can allow mice to enter
  • Noises of scratching
  • Look inside cabinets and draws for any scratch marks or nests

How to check for Ants?

Ants are one pest you do not want to ignore ever. These pesky pests live in colonies and create a nuisance. Therefore, you need to look for signs that indicate their presence in the house. Common signs include:

  • Finding a dead ant here and there.
  • Ant mounds are found in backyards and gardens.
  • Look for softwood, the kind which is damaged due to moisture. This is because carpenter ants love living in such wood and eating it away from the inside.
  • Keep an eye out for sawdust near wood as that would also indicate a carpenter ant infestation.
  • Any holes here and there as ants can enter from the tiniest of spaces.

Contact a Professional

If you find any of the above red flags, talk to the house owner about it. Get the house checked by a professional exterminator for confirmation in Toronto, York, and Durham. This way you can negotiate in getting the house for a cheaper price. And then spend the extra cash that you save on getting a professional to exterminate these pests from your house.

Remember ants and mice are pests you do not want to inherit along with a new house. This is because they can cause structural damage to your house as well. And instead of ending up with a beautiful new house, you will end up with a big expense to cover the damages. So, it’s better to call a licensed professional such as those at Quality Pest Control GTA and get the house checked. They will also help you get rid of the pests for good. Moreover, hiring a professional would also mean that they would thoroughly check your house and inform you about any damages that are already present. And they will also ensure that these pests do not come back into your new house any time soon.

Give Quality Pest Control GTA a call now as our representatives will be happy to help you.

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