Do You Need to Spray for Bugs in the Spring?

When winter comes to an end and the temperatures begin to rise, be prepared to bring your A game on. This is because as the temperature gets warmer and spring comes, pests bring an end to their period of hibernation and begin wandering around.

So, if you have spotted an ant or a spider crawling in your surroundings, do not be alarmed. In fact, as soon as early spring arrives, get your house sprayed for bugs. And yes, this implies even if you haven’t spotted a bug yet. Moreover, if you want to understand why we are urging you to get your house sprayed for bugs, keep on reading!


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Why is Spraying for Bugs in Spring a must?

Getting your house sprayed in spring is the best time possible. This is because at this time of the year, pests are slow, and they are low on energy. They are yet to figure out where to build nests and breed. Furthermore, at this time of the year, the bug population is comparatively low as compared to summer.

Thus, by spraying for bugs in spring, the treatment plan is simpler and smaller. And yet, the effectiveness of this treatment is good enough for you to have a peaceful year.

Obviously, if you do not get your home in Toronto, York and Durham sprayed for bugs in the spring, you can always get it done in the summer. However, during this time of the year, the number of bugs will be more, and the pest infestation will probably be on the more severe side. Hence, the treatment for this kind of a bug infestation will be longer. Although it will be effective as well. After all, professional pest control companies such as Quality Pest Control GTA make use of the right techniques and the correct product which will make your house pest free.

How frequently should you get your house sprayed for Bugs?

Usually once a year in spring is more than enough! Obviously, this applies only if you see no new or an increase in for that entire year. But, if you begin seeing lots of pests once again, call your professional pest control. They will come and have a look. Then, they will tell you how severe the pest infestation is and what brings back those pesky bugs back in your house.

Should I get my garden sprayed as well?

If you have a lawn, backyard, or garden, you can get it sprayed as well. After all, bugs love being in the outdoors and that’s exactly the place from where they enter your home. The best part is that although you will get rid of the bugs, your plants will remain unaffected. As professional pest control companies make use of plant safe pesticides which will do the job for you.


So, give Quality Pest Control GTA a call now! We are a team of professional exterminators who have plenty of experience in spraying houses as well as the outdoors for bugs. In addition to getting rid of the bugs for you, our licensed exterminators will also tell you about the entry points of these bugs so that you can close them and enjoy a pest free year.

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