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Scarborough is a large, multicultural area that contains the Scarborough Bluffs, huge cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario, lined with parks, beaches, and hiking trails. Inland, the sprawling Toronto Zoo features global animal pavilions, close-up encounters, and a wildlife health centre. The area is also known for its diverse spread of restaurants, including regional Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.

If you’re searching “pest control near me,” make sure to click on Quality Pest Control GTA, the premier pest control and animal removal service in Scarborough, Ontario, and the surrounding regions! We are the best Scarborough pest control company in the area because we provide the finest quality, most effective pest control services to both commercial and residential customers!

What We Do

Whether it’s pest eradication, cockroach extermination, animal removal, animal control, raccoon removal, wildlife removal, bird removal, or undesirable insects, our highly experienced specialists and exterminators in Scarborough can handle any pest control situation. Quality Pest Control GTA has an outstanding reputation for always being able to clear homes and offices of all forms of pests, wild animals, and insects. As a result, our clients trust us to address any pest problems they may have.

Our primary specializations at Quality Pest Control GTA are complete commercial and residential pest eradication services at your convenience. We’re here to help you keep your house free of pests and unwanted creatures. Our staff are professionally trained exterminators fully equipped with everything they need for the job, including discrete, unmarked vehicles. We’ve seen everything, including bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, carpenter ants, flies, carpet beetles, wasps, mice, rats, and raccoons. Our crew has the skills and resources to deal with your unwanted pests swiftly and effectively and keep them from returning!


Quality Pest Control GTA is renowned around the area and has a market-leading position in Scarborough. One of the reasons customers trust us is our ability to provide customized solutions based on the situation at hand. Furthermore, our pest control professionals in Scarborough are always integrating new and innovative methods to perform their tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Objectives

Our objective at Quality Pest Control GTA in Scarborough is to deliver the greatest quality services to residential and commercial customers to rid them of any pests, such as undesirable insects or rodents, at the most reasonable price in the region. When it comes to pest control and extermination services, we are committed to providing the finest products and services to our customers. This, however, is not a good enough justification to take advantage of a difficult circumstance they are in. When you choose Quality Pest Control GTA, you can always expect reasonable rates and services that are properly tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Quality Pest Control GTA for Pest Removal in Scarborough?

Pest infestations are a concern for many Scarborough homeowners and business owners due to the proximity of woods, grasslands, seashore, and parklands to the urbanized regions. This area is plagued by a variety of pests, including cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, and ants.

There is no other pest control or extermination company in Scarborough that can match the excellent quality of our work and the reasonable prices we provide. This is primarily due to our ongoing efforts to find new methods to provide consumers with discounts while maintaining our rates at a reasonable level that our customers can afford. With Quality Pest Control GTA, you can rest assured that your insect or wildlife problem will be resolved without breaking the bank.

Our pest control experts in Scarborough take pride in having the necessary experience and knowledge to keep our customers happy. We are proud of our work, but even more so of our fantastic achievements over the years. Having such a large number of satisfied clients can only mean that the work was done not merely well, but flawlessly!

Get in Touch with Us Right Away!

Environmentally friendly and pet-friendly Quality Pest Control GTA is a highly regarded and well-respected pest control company with offices in York, Durham, and Toronto. We provide top-notch pest control and animal removal services at affordable pricing. Our Scarborough pest control exterminators offer affordable solutions, guaranteeing that you always get the best rates for residential and commercial pest management.

If you have a pest problem, an insect infestation, or are dealing with a wild animal that has wandered into your yard, please do not hesitate to contact the most trusted pest control company in Scarborough. We will promptly send a team of professionals to your location so that you may describe the problem and have them analyze the situation. After that, you’ll work together to negotiate a plan of action, including all of the procedures that must be performed for your pest problem to be resolved. Call us today for a free, no-obligation pricing quote and learn how high-quality pest treatment doesn’t have to be expensive: (647) 945-9602 / 1800-726-3913 / 647- 693-4196

Pest Control Services We Offer in Scarborough

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Wasp Removal Service

The sudden appearance of a wasp nest near your home makes nearly everyone a little uncomfortable. Unlike bees, wasps and hornets can be aggressive, and their stings hurt! You’ll find wasps most active during the summer and early fall. Nests are sometimes conspicuous or can be hidden in vents, under railings, in soffits, or corners of your house or garage. If the nest is left behind over the winter, you can expect wasps to move in again next year, so it needs to be removed. We can help you to get rid of them before someone gets stung. Our techniques, products and experience can eliminate wasps on your property quickly and permanently.

Quality Pest Control GTA is renowned for providing effective wasp removal services in Scarborough. Our wasp removal services are suitable for many different kinds of properties, including households, public buildings & institutional premises, hospitals, and restaurants etc. Take advantage of our wasp removal services in Scarborough for the best price.

Ant Removal Service

While there are numerous home remedies for getting rid of ants, these solutions are temporary and relatively ineffective. Ants live in massive colonies, and killing ants as you see them will only affect a tiny percentage of them. This is why ants seem to keep coming back. Instead of constantly fighting an ant infestation, give us a call. Our highly-effective ant treatments target the entire colony, including the queen, resulting in an ant-free home.

We provide ant removal services in Scarborough that will shut down ants and other pests. Our superior solutions are effective at dealing with serial pest activity and will provide you with year-round protection. We guarantee to provide the best pest control professionals to eradicate your ant problem at the best price.

Bedbugs Removal Service

Whether you’re a homeowner or reside in an apartment, dormitory or other shelter, bedbugs are a nightmare. After building up resistance to pesticides, over-the-counter bedbug sprays and treatments simply do not work. They may eliminate the ones you see today, but there will be plenty more replacements next week and thousands in just a few months. Quality Pest Control GTA has the latest, effective techniques to eradicate bedbugs from your home and provide relief. Call us immediately if you notice even a single bedbug in your home!

Quality Pest Control GTA offers quick and effective bedbugs removal services in Scarborough. Our highly trained specialists utilize our top-layer protection process to review your home and apply solutions to get rid of your bedbug problem. We further monitor your home to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing the bedbugs won’t return.

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Mice Removal Service

Smaller than rats and much cuter, mice can cause plenty of damage to your home if they get in. Mice are especially problematic in cities, where populations are denser, and mice enjoy an abundance of food sources, safe & comfortable shelter and few natural predators. Once inside your home, besides being a menace in your kitchen, mice can get into your walls, where they can chew up insulation, destroy electrical wiring and damage drywall.

Quality Pest Control GTA offers the best mice control solutions in Scarborough that adopt current education on pest control and treatments. As an expert in mouse control, we provide quick and effective services to get rid of mice and help your property stay pest and mouse-free.

Rat Removal Service

Often confused with mice, rats are much less fun to have around. You’ll find them in your garbage, basement, or places near plentiful food sources like restaurants. You can often prevent a rat infestation by removing food sources and sealing up cracks, gaps & holes in your home’s exterior. However, if one gets in, you need it removed right away! Rats can crawl on you or bite while you sleep. Rats are responsible for spreading some of the world’s most catastrophic diseases throughout history, including pneumonic plague and typhus. Serious illness in humans can occur through bites or as a result of inhaling their droppings. Rats will also cause severe damage to your home, including structural damage, and can start fires by chewing on electrical wiring or gas pipes.

Quality Pest Control GTA’s rat removal services in Scarborough have been carefully designed to keep your house and garden rat-proof. We provide quick and effective rat removal services along with the highest level of protection for your family and pets using our eco-friendly products.

Cockroaches Removal Service

Cockroaches are a common problem in Scarborough; they are next to impossible to eliminate yourself. Cockroaches will hide in the most unlikely places, including behind your refrigerator, in the insulation of your dishwasher, behind electrical outlets and any place where they can find shelter and food. Remember that cockroaches will eat even non-food items, including dead skin & hair, essentially anything that was once alive.

Our cockroach removal service service in Scarborough comprises a long-lasting and well-organized treatment that is designed to eradicate pests while keeping your family and pets safe. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to ensure that your dwelling is free of cockroaches and other pests. Moreover, we offer cockroach killer solutions that are more effective than conventional cockroach control techniques.

Raccoon Removal Service

A common nuisance in Scarborough, raccoons are incredibly destructive around your home. They can cause structural damage to your expensive roofing systems and will continually get into your garbage, leaving a huge mess behind. Once they decide they like your property, they settle in and are unlikely to leave on their own. We can humanely help you get rid of the raccoons around your home before they breed and create further issues.

Raccoon Removal Services from Quality Pest Control are designed to remove raccoons from your property and keep them off. Raccoons are attracted by household garbage, are noisy, and carry diseases such as distemper and rabies that are passed to both humans and pets if bitten. They can also cause immense structural harm to your home, so it is important that the problem be taken care of before it gets out of hand.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels may be cute, but they are destructive. Squirrels will gnaw on everything, from your vegetable garden to walls. If a squirrel chews on a place where electrical wiring is located, the damaged wiring can cause a fire in your home. In other areas of your home, a single squirrel can cause plenty of damage to wallboards, attics and more. If you think a squirrel might be getting too comfortable around your house, give us a call to humanely remove it. Squirrels Removal Services are offered by Quality Pest Control in Scarborough to keep any squirrels outside of your home.

For all other pests such as spiders, centipedes, earwigs, moths, fleas, ticks, and more, our highly trained exterminators at Quality Pest Control Scarborough are ready to eliminate any and all unwanted pests in your residential and commercial property in an eco-friendly, humane manner! Satisfaction guaranteed. Call today for a free quote or to talk to a Scarborough pest removal expert.

Why Choose Us for Pest & Animal Removal in Scarborough?

Who is Quality Pest Control GTA? We are a fully licensed and insured pest control company operating out of the GTA and committed to the use of eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and humane pest and animal removal techniques. We offer residential and commercial pest control services to eliminate common pests such as bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, carpenter ants, flies, wasps and more. In addition, we offer animal removal services which provide humane removal techniques for raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and birds. All our methods are safe for pets and children, offering our clients valuable peace of mind. We are proud to be fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.


Whatever type of property is infested with pests, whether a house or workplace, Quality Pest Control GTA works to make sure it is entirely free from all unwanted critters – and stays that way! All our pest control professionals in Scarborough are highly experienced and trained to provide quick, discreet, and effective extermination, ensuring that once your pests are gone, they’re gone for good.


No one should need to live in discomfort with unwanted visitors that have invaded. We have always believed that pest control should be accessible and affordable to everyone. For this reason, Quality Pest Control GTA offers all animal removal and pest control services in Scarborough at a very competitive price. When you call us, we’ll provide you with a quote on the spot, and we will come to your property promptly to offer our incredible pest control solutions so that you can get back to living comfortably as quickly as possible.


QAPC provides pest removal services in other Ontario cities, including exterminators in BramptonOshawaMarkham, and Toronto. Our pest removal jobs are quick and affordable for all customers. Call an exterminator at Quality Pest Control GTA in Scarborough today!

Only a Professional Will Solve the Problem

While there are numerous “old wive’s tales” about how to deal with pests around your home, the majority are ineffective. Pests are clever and can remain safely hidden out of sight until they number in the thousands. Many have become resistant to common chemicals, which means over-the-counter or store-bought remedies no longer work. A licensed pest control technician has the knowledge, experience and access to products that effectively eliminate household pests.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Quality Pest Control GTA guarantees to completely eliminate any pest infestations for all of our clients.

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