Stink Bug Removal & Pest Control Services

Stink Bug Removal & Pest Control Services

The term “stink bug” doesn’t actually refer to just one type of bug, but rather an entire class of small beetles that secret an extremely pungent, foul odor as a defense mechanism against potential predators. When a potential predator approaches, the bug excretes a pungent chemical that gives the impression that the bug is already dead. Initially, these bugs first made their way to the United States in the cargo holds of ships from China, Japan, Korea, and other areas of Asia. Today, they have multiplied to the point where they are a significant nuisance for various types of crops and ornate gardens, as they eat a number of different types of plants.

Here at Quality Pest Control GTA, our qualified and highly-trained service technicians know all about stink bugs. We’re the only pest control company in the area with multiple Associate Certified Entomologists on staff, meaning we have a degree of knowledge and understanding that few others can match. This unique experience and training makes us uniquely qualified to offer you a pest control solution that’s effective, efficient, and keeps your problem away for good. As insect experts, we know the best ways to not only target these creatures, but also to preserve your garden at the same time. By using sophisticated methods and non-toxic materials, we make sure to keep your property protected and you and your family safe.

Stink bugs are unfortunately common intruders in homes all across the GTA. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though most of these bugs are pretty small. In fact, the majority are usually around the size of a dime. That means they’re capable of sneaking in through the tiniest cracks, including under doors, around windows, and even in small separations in your walls or foundation. While they’re not dangerous to humans in that they don’t bite and aren’t venomous, they can and do use their foul-smelling defense mechanism against dogs, cats, humans, and anything else they may feel threatened by. And this quickly makes their presence known.

We can eliminate all common types of GTA Stink Bugs, including:

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