Cockroach Removal & Pest Control Services

Cockroach Removal & Pest Control Services

There are 4,600 species of cockroaches. Approximately 30 of these can be found lurking in human habitats.  The most common that we deal with here in the GTA area is the German cockroach. These cockroaches are infamous for spreading at alarming rates—a single roach and its offspring can produce 30,000 new roaches in a single year. Once they’re inside your property, they can be difficult to get rid of without a cockroach removal expert such as Rentokil, formerly Quality Pest Control GTA. We have years of experience getting rid of cockroaches in both residential and commercial properties in our communities. It’s important to learn about cockroaches in order to implement the best cockroach control, which is why we’re here to share some expert info about these potentially dangerous pests.

Cockroach Characteristics & Habits

We have always been led to believe that cockroaches can survive anything, even a nuclear explosion. However, this is simply not true. While more resilient than most living creatures, even roaches have weaknesses. Some of the most important things to know about cockroaches


1. German Cockroaches are omnivorous (meaning they will eat pretty much anything). They prefer meats, starches, sugars, and fatty foods but, lacking that, will eat toothpaste, soap, glue, and books. In dire situations, they have even been known to nibble on each other’s extremities!

2. The German roach species are capable of reproducing faster than any other residential cockroach.  The female typically produces 4 to 8 capsules in their 200-day life span, which can equate to over 300 eggs!

3. Some signs that you are dealing with an infestation would be activated during the day, as cockroaches are nocturnal. Other signs include dead roaches, shed skin, and droppings (which look like ground pepper or coffee) on your countertops and in drawers.

4. They’re drawn to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, close to available food sources. 

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