Tick Removal & Pest Control Services

Tick Removal & Pest Control Services

There are more than 20 species of ticks in GTA, but only three species normally bite humans. Although the bites are sometimes painful and slow healing, there is little danger of disease as long as they are removed promptly.

Adult ticks have eight legs, unlike insects, which have six. Ticks cannot jump or fly and do not drop from trees. They require blood as a source of protein for growth and egg development. A few simple precautions will decrease the likelihood of tick bites.

Removing Attached Ticks

Ticks can be difficult to remove, since they attach themselves to their host with small, barbed mouthparts. Ticks do not burrow under the skin. Ticks are most safely and effectively removed with tweezers using a slow and gentle pull without twisting. This will normally remove the tick with the mouthparts attached. The wound should be cleaned and treated with an antiseptic. 

Area Tick Control

Elimination of ticks over large areas is not feasible. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the probability of tick bites in parks and recreation areas by concentrating control efforts on walks and trails. Removal of brush and other vegetation by mowing will reduce the number of ticks along trails or in picnic areas. Insecticides applied to ground vegetation a few feet on either side of a trail will aid in local tick control as ticks do not move far.

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