Mice Removal & Pest Control Services

Mice Removal & Pest Control Services

GTA has seen a huge spike in rodent activity over the past two years, and are a big nuisance to both home and business owners. While mice are from the same family as rats and other larger rodents, they have unique characteristics that make them a challenging house pest. There are over 20 species of mice. However, the only one that tends to encounter humans and their dwellings is the common house mouse. Similar to squirrels, mice are very good at maneuvering in and around obstacles and breed at an exponential rate. At Quality Pest Control GTA, our mice exterminators specialize in the best mice control methods to keep these rodents out of your home for good.

Mice Characteristics & Habits

Mice range in colour from light brown to dark grey with a lighter belly and feet. They have over-sized ears, a pointed face, and a nearly hairless tail. The house mouse is quite small, weighing no more than 1 oz. and is 3–4 inches in length. The house mouse is timid and nocturnal preferring to forage overnight. One female mouse usually produces 5–7 litters per year, each containing 3–14 pups. 

While house mice prefer to consume grains, fruits, and seeds, in truth they are omnivores and will eat anything if they are hungry enough!  They also quite enjoy human food scraps. Due to their appetite, house mice are known to be quite destructive. If you think you have an infestation, it’s best to get an inspection from a professional mice pest control company.

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