Sow Bug Removal & Pest Control Services

Sowbug Removal & Pest Control Services

Although sow bugs are not known specifically to endanger human health like other pests, their mere presence can be a cause of concern. They are classified as crustaceans, but ironically, they cannot live in water. Neither are they capable of keeping too much water in their system. Instead, they share the same living conditions as other arthropods and insects. They prefer moist and dark environment, but they can accidentally come out of their habitat and disturb humans. Sow bugs are mostly active at night and remain inactive during the winter season. They can be a nuisance for GTA residents in the warmer months of the year, making it important to know when to enlist help from a sow bug removal expert.

How to Identify Sow Bugs

Proper identification leads to successful sow bug control and removal. These creatures are often confused with another crustacean called “pillbugs,” but there are noticeable differences. While both species are classified as isopods (meaning, having identical legs), pillbugs can curl into a ball, and sow bugs cannot. While both creatures have segmented bodies, sow bugs have a flatter appearance and resemble a trilobite or a louse. In addition, sow bugs are elliptical and can grow to about 1 cm in length. They have seven pairs of legs and two pairs of antennae. Both sow bugs and pill bugs are collectively called “woodlice.” It often takes the trained eye of a professional sow bug control expert to help identify these bugs.

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