Indian meal Moth Removal & Pest Control Services

Indian meal Moth Removal & Pest Control Services

Indian meal moths are one of the most common pantry pests. They can be a big nuisance when they infest homes or commercial properties here in GTA. Indian meal moths usually take up residence in areas of your home or business where flour and grain products are stored. This is what makes them a pantry pest, as most people catch sight of them when opening up bags or flour or other dried goods in their property. It’s important to know how to keep these nuisance pests away. The Indian meal moth control experts at Quality Pest Control are here to help!

What Do Indian Meal Moths Look Like?

The Indian meal moth goes through several life stages to adulthood.  However, the presence of adult meal moths is usually what alerts the resident to an infestation. To identify these pantry pests, look for the following signs:

1.  Eggs are approximately 0.5 mm in length and are grayish white. You will find them singly or in clusters laid directly on food sources.

2. Larvae go through five to seven moults before moving to the next stage of development. Mature larvae are around 1.5 cm in length with five pairs of prolegs which help them move in order to pupate. They are usually off-white in colour but can be pink, brown or have a green tinge depending on the food source.

3. Indian Meal Moth pupae are between 0.5 mm and 1 cm long and are pale brown in colour. The larvae can pupate in a cocoon or unprotected.

4. The final stage of development is, of course, adulthood. Fully grown Indian Meal Moths have two-tone wings (grey and reddish brown) which differentiates them from clothing moths, for which they are often mistaken. They measure around 1 cm in length with a wingspan of approximately 3cm.

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