Wasp Nest Removal & Pest Control Services

Wasp Nest Removal & Pest Control Services

There are many different types of wasps (often confused with hornets) here in GTA. They are broken into two main groups: solitary wasps and social wasps. Social wasps are usually the ones that become a nuisance and threaten our safety on our property around our homes. Yellowjackets and paper wasps are the most common of this bunch. Mud daubers are the most common solitary wasp and aren’t as aggressive as their social counterparts. Although wasps play an important role in the environment, they can become dangerous when they build their nests near homes or businesses in the  GTA area. If you notice a nest nearby, it’s important to always enlist the help of your local wasp removal experts at Rentokil, formerly Quality Pest Control GTA.

Common Wasps in GTA

There are three wasps, in particular, to keep an eye out for:

Mud daubers

These solitary wasps are best identified by their thread-like waist. True to name, they build nests out of the mud. These nests often look to be the shape of an organ pipe. Mud daubers are not as aggressive.

Paper wasps

Paper wasps are often a more red color than yellowjackets. They are moderately aggressive. Their nests are a unique umbrella shape that typically hangs from twigs or porch ceilings.


These infamous wasps can nest both in the ground or on trees, buildings, and more. They can live in big colonies and are known to get very aggressive when threatened. They are capable of stinging repeatedly.

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