Spider Removal & Pest Control Services

Spider Removal & Pest Control Services

Of all the pests we treat, spiders are probably the most widely feared. Unfortunately, they’re one of the most common pest problems here in the GTA area. Although they strike fear in the hearts of many, spiders are typically harmless. Still, no one wants to deal with spider problems in their property. If you are dealing with excess spiders or one of the more dangerous species in the GTA  area, it’s important to enlist the help of a spider exterminator. The spider removal team at Rentokil, formerly Quality Pest Control GTA knows how distressing spiders can be. We’re here with need-to-know information on these creepy crawlers, as well as information on how to get rid of spiders.

Characteristics of Spiders in GTA

Everyone knows what a spider looks like. It often takes the expert eye of a professional spider pest control expert to determine what spider species you have. Some of the things that make spiders

unique Include

1. Spider bodies consist of two parts. The cephalothorax (front) and the abdomen (back). Eyes, fangs, and legs reside on the cephalothorax; while the spinnerets are found on the abdomen

2. Spiders have eight legs and no wings or antennae.

3. Most spiders have eight eyes, however, some species have less or none at all.

4. All spiders make silk, which has many and varied uses, including shelter, capturing prey, protecting offspring, helping the spider move around.

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