Raccoon Removal & Pest Control Services

Raccoon Removal & Pest Control Services

Are you experiencing a Raccoon infestation in your home? At Quality Pest Control GTA Pest Control, we’re experts in safely removing Raccoons from your GTA area home and keeping them out for good.


Raccoon infestations can cause serious problems in and around your home! Raccoons are known to rummage through garbage, damage lawns and gardens, injure pets, carry disease, and make their home in attics, crawl spaces, and porches.

Raccoons cause problems both in and outside your home. Eating and foraging mostly at night, Raccoons will leave droppings, steal food, and cause damage to your house’s structure. They’re also one of the most common carriers of rabies in the United States, making them dangerous to kids and pets.

Protect your home and family by investing in Raccoon infestation control. Quality Pest Control GTA’s preventive and eco-friendly Raccoon removal and control team is here for you!

Our Approach to Raccoon Removal & Control

Property Inspection & Analysis

Our certified GTA Raccoon control team will start by thoroughly inspecting your house inside and out, assessing all damage and searching for any issues that’ve gone unnoticed. We’ll take special care to find all Raccoon access points, such as holes in your vent screens, siding, or foundation.

Once we’ve made a diagnosis, we’ll explain what we’ve found and create a control and prevention plan designed to eradicate your home’s infestation.


If Raccoons have found a way into your home, we’ll seal off every point of entry to cut off their access. Our Raccoon control team is extremely thorough and never leaves anything to chance. If your home needs a large repair to keep Raccoons out, our partner construction company will work with us to perform the necessary work.

Careful Raccoon Extermination

Our GTA Raccoon control company uses professional traps and safe capture methods to rid your home and property of Raccoons completely. These targeted Raccoon control methods are poison-free and extremely effective, keeping your entire family (and pets) safe while getting the job done.

Inspect. Exclude. Exterminate. Our experienced GTA exterminators make Raccoon removal safe and simple!

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