Got Mice in the house? We got them covered!

Got Mice in the house? We got them covered!

Now that winter is coming to an end, the period of hibernation for mice is also coming to an end in Toronto, York, and Durham. And so, you will find mice beginning to do their damage in your house.

They can cause diseases such as the hantavirus and salmonella. After all, they come in close contact with your food. Moreover, mice tend to chew and gnaw. So, they can end up gnawing on wires creating a fire hazard. Or even chew and scratch furniture. They can also create holes here and there in your walls. This is why getting rid of them soon is pretty much necessary.



How to know if you have mice in your house?

Mice will look around your house and enter through the tiniest of space. In fact, mice can enter from a hole the size of a quarter. And there are some specific signs which can tell you if mice have found a home in your house. These include the following:

  • A strong ammonia like smell
  • Mouse droppings here and there
  • Scratched up furniture, walls and gnawed up wires
  • Scratching sounds made by mice which you can hear clearly in the middle of the night

In addition to all the above, there is also another sign which confirms a mice infestation and that is, you see a mouse running.


Hire a Professional

Instead of going for DIY methods, it’s best for you to hire a professional such as Quality Pest Control GTA in Toronto, York, and Durham. This is because mice are not only a nuisance in your house, but they also tend to cause damage (as mentioned above). Hence, you shouldn’t spend time on trying out various DIY methods available on the internet. As these methods might work for you and they might not. And in case they don’t work (which usually happens), you would have given these mice plenty of time to cause damage. Remember mice can multiply rapidly and usually, there’s more than one or two living in your house. And any delay in getting rid of them will only result in a larger scale mice infestation.

So, we would advise you to call up a professional in Toronto, York and Durham and save your time and house from these mice. They will not only skilfully make your house mice free but will also make sure that they do not return any time soon. The professional exterminators will look around your house thoroughly and close all entry points. They will also inform you of any damage that has been caused by the mice and needs immediate attention. Overall, spending a little on calling Quality Pest Control GTA will only help you in the long run.

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