Why some bed bug & rodents Are Dangerous and How You Can Protect Yourself This Spring

Pests of all kinds are a nuisance and affect your lives in one way or another. Bed bugs and rodents, especially, can always find a way to disturb your life. After all, they are dangerous. Because of this, if you spot a bed bug or rodent in your home in Toronto, York and Durham, you need to take action immediately.
But what exactly why are they dangerous? And what harm can they cause? Keep on reading to find out!
Dangers of Bed Bugs
While bed bugs do not pose a lot of dangers, they tend to bite and feed on human blood. Hence, if you have bed bugs, you will wake up to lesions or wheals on your skin in places where the bed bug has bitten you. You might even find a few drops of blood on the mattress.

Dangers of Rodents
Rodents such as rats and mice are a nuisance you do not want to have in your house. They are a health hazard as well as damage the structure of your house. Here are a few of the dangers you may experience in case your house is infested with them:
⦁ They are unhygienic and can cause several diseases such as the hantavirus, tularaemia, plague and salmonellosis. They can not only make humans sick but also the pets you own.
⦁ They can pass on these diseases by directly biting. It can also be passed on if you eat the food contaminated by rodents’ hair, saliva, faeces, or urine. Even if you breathe in the air contaminated by the urine or faeces of a rodent, chances are you may get sick. If a tick, mite or even flea has been around the infected rat or mouse, it can transfer the disease.
⦁ Rodents are also a fire hazard. This is because they gnaw and chew on wires which can cause an unexpected fire.
⦁ Also, rodents damage your furniture and house by scratching and chewing on it.
⦁ They can also ruin the insulation of your house by gnawing on aluminium and lead sheeting.


How to get rid of them?
In case you have bed bugs or rodents in your house, do not panic. Instead act smartly and protect yourself this spring from them.
If you have bed bugs, do not directly opt for a pesticide. First strip your mattress and declutter your house. Then, encase the mattress so no bed bugs can get out or replace your mattress. However, encasing is a cheaper option. Moreover, wash your bedding with hot water as heat kills bed bugs. Always be careful that you do not pass on these bed bugs to others.
On the other hand, if you have rodents, start by maintaining the hygiene of your house by throwing out the trash regularly and washing the dishes immediately. Do not leave any food out in the open. And if you have pets, keep their food in airtight containers. In addition to these, use traps and baits to get rid of them.

Remember if these options do not work or if you want to get rid of these pests immediately, hire a professional pest control. We at Quality Pest Control GTA, have a lot of experience in getting rid of bed bugs and rodents. Our licensed exterminators also make sure that these pests do not come back and you have a peaceful pest free year ahead of you.
So, give us a call and get your house pest free, just the way you like it.

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